How The “Help Stop Pet Dental Pain” Website Came To Be …

This website was created to honor the last wishes of Dr. Patricia Frost-Fitch DVM, Diplomate American Veterinary Dental College. Dr. Frost passed away from pancreatic cancer in July 2016.

Dr. Frost left a seed fund to start this website. A volunteer committee of veterinary dental health professionals brought it to life. Please donate to help keep it alive and growing as a doctor-reviewed and user-friendly resource for all pet owners.

Dr. Frost’s vision for this website:

  • Help pet owners understand the importance of dental x-rays in finding dental problems hidden under the gums.
  • Provide a place where people can tell their stories about how veterinary dental care significantly improved the lives of both pets and their owners.
  • Through donations, fund veterinary dental research and assist students in veterinary dental programs with educational expenses.

A Few Career Highlights of Dr. Patricia Frost-Fitch DVM DAVDC

Young veterinarian Dr. Frost (arrow) and Janet Mertz, the pet owner who sponsored the first veterinary dentistry/surgery residency at University of Illinois.

Pat and Misty.

New Year’s Eve, Kona HI, seven months before Pat passed away

Donations are welcome


Please take a moment to watch this video highlighting Pat’s life:

Patricia Frost-Fitch, DVM, Diplomate AVDC, left us with her vision to alleviate animal pain … a big vision, to be sure. Her specific concern was about animals suffering silently with dental problems that go unseen, because no dental X-rays have ever been taken. She passionately wished to engage both the veterinary profession and animal owners as partners to promote the importance of dental X-rays.

This website was established in her honor to reach both veterinarians and ALL pet owners to inform them of the importance of dental X-rays. The veterinary community and pet owners everywhere can use the site to share stories of how veterinary dental treatment made their lives better.

This new website includes:

Please feel free to check out the information on this site – it is all for you and your pets. Please share your stories and learn about keeping your pets free of dental pain!

Donations are welcome! All contributions to this non-profit will go toward research and education in the field of oral care. The funded pet dental care research studies will be featured on this website.