The site that reveals how pets suffer silently with dental pain & infection & how you can help your pet.

Dental X-rays and Photos of a Canine (Fang or Eye) Tooth in a Cat, Dog, and Person

Cat X-ray
Dog X-ray
Person X-ray
Cat canine
Dog canine
Person canine

Did You Know...

  • Dental X-rays show us that each of these teeth has a nerve inside? That’s why dogs and cats feel dental pain just like people do.
  • Each tooth root is surrounded by gums and bone? That’s why dogs and cats can have gum infection and bone loss just like people do.
  • But unlike people, dogs and cats suffer silently with dental pain and infection.

Compare the size of a dog, cat, and person
canine (fang or eye) tooth!

Images kindly provided by Drs. Kling, Levin, and Manfra-Maretta and by Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital SD CA.