Info for Veterinarians

Guidelines for Case Submissions to

The target audience is pet owners and the general public.

1. Describe the problem

This might be about one tooth or a generalized condition. 

Please include comments from the owner showing how they perceived the problem and/or your comments about what caused the problem, or what may have caused it. 

For text length: a maximum 3 short paragraphs or about 6-9 sentences total should be fine.

2. Before and after photos and intraoral radiology

Brief description of treatment using images and lay terms as much as possible. Mention why dental X-rays are necessary for diagnosis & proper treatment

Please label photos and dental X-rays so people can understand what they’re seeing.

3. Follow-up

Owner comments about how the relief of dental pain improved the pet’s quality of life.

Any comments you’d like to include about the problem/treatment, such as how often you see this problem, common causes, why it needs treatment (e.g., infection, pain).

 The website committee will check for the inevitable typos, etc. and send back to you for approval before posting.

Cases can be posted with credit or anonymously, as you wish.

Thank you in advance for generously sharing your time and expertise to help stop dental pain in pets.